Q: What is the prop made of?  
A:  The prop is made of tubular aluminum and if requested available in tubular steel.


Q:  How heavy is the prop?  
A:  The aluminum prop is approx.  340 lbs     The steel prop is 850 lbs


Q:  How long will it take to receive my new prop after ordering.  
A:  Normal production and shipping time is 2 - 3 weeks.


Q:  How are the props transported?  
A: Props will be shipped on a pallet by ground transport with lift gate availability.  If any other special shipping needs are required contact us to get correct shipping rates.


Q:  What is the material used for training in the prop.  
A:  The prop can use any material of your choice that is 1/2 in thickness.  This includes drywall, osb, cement board,  and plywood.


Q:  Can the prop be used in burn room?
A:  Yes.   The aluminum prop can stand temperatures up to 400 degrees.  The steel version can handle hotter more extreme burn environments.