What's up Hooligan nation! I recently had an opportunity to use the King Ceiling Prop. I must say I was really impressed by the durability of this prop. Not only was this prop versatile in teaching how to pull ceiling but also low clearance egress. Did I mention it was developed by a brother firefighter!

Adam Neff

Hooks& Hooligans Firefighter Group 

Nixa Fire Protection District

301 S Nicholas Rd, Nixa, MO 65714


"The King Ceiling Prop has been a tremendous addition to The Quinn Fire Academy Facility.  It has given our Fire - Candidates the ability to pull ceiling in a accurate construction setting found commonly in todays fire service.  We marveled over its portability and durability under stressful hours of daily candidate rotations.  Having the ability to reload the drywall ceiling components quickly enabled us to rotate many firefighters through the rigors of pulling ceiling at a pace conducive to a scheduled training environment.  Now tha we have added The King Ceiling Prop to our facility here in Chicago, we've brought ourselves one step closer to complete and accurate fire training for our candidates.  I highly recomend this prop to any Department".

Christopher M. Wagner / Chicago Fire Department
Battalion Chief / Asst. Director of Training  Quinn Fire Academy
ph 312-747-7239, cell 312-446-5225
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"The ceiling prop created by Firefighter Chris King has been very beneficial to the Chicago Fire Department candidates.  Each candidate was given the opportunity to actually pull ceiling in a controlled environment allowing for instruction and repeated repetition as needed.  The prop has held up extremely well for a class of 150 candidates".

William Vogt / Chicago Fire Deptartment
Deputy District Chief / Director of Training Quinn Fire Academy



The King Ceiling Prop (KCP) has proven to be a phenomenal tool for instructing techniques in overhaul with various truck tools in non-IDLH conditions, and it has also been a very valuable prop for live fire training. Due to the inability to conduct most overhaul operations in concrete or metal training burn facilities, the KCP now allows for overhaul operations in such facilities under hostile fire/smoke conditions. Being able to “pull ceiling” with actual high heat and smoke conditions places a lot of reality into the training exercises. The easy clean up and replacement of KCP ceiling inserts makes the repeated use of the prop user-friendly and very economical as well. The KCP is highly recommended for any training facility or as a stand-alone training prop.

Chief Rick Kolomay Carol Stream, Illinois Fire Department