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King Training Innovations create firefighting training simulator props designed to teach and practice skills.
Saw maintenance
Chris King
4 Steps To Simple Saw Maintenance Posted On 15 Sep 2014By : Rob FlingComment: 1Tag: Partner Saw  Maintaining our equipment so it performs safely and effectively as well as reliably
Converting your saw from inboard to outboard for forcible entry
Chris King
FIREFIGHTER TRAINING DRILL: THE "OUTBOARD" FORCIBLE ENTRY SAW 10/24/2014  Email   Print 63  Facebook 10  Twitter 0  LinkedIn 
East Brunswick Fire Dist #1  using their new prop
East Brunswick Fire Dist #1 using their new prop
Chris King
The boys from The East Brunswick Fire Protection Dist #1 getting their hands dirty with thier new King Ceiling Prop. The construction of the prop allows for quick set up and tear down so you can bring
Vertical Ventilation
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  Vertical Ventilation is an important task for the TRUCK CO.  Safety always needs to be our #1 prority.  Be familiar with building construction, fire behavior and laddering.   2 m
Truck Co. Drills
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DRILLS: TRUCK COMPANY WORK 12/11/2014Photo by Tony Greco.  Email   Print 1  Facebook 1  Twitter 1  LinkedIn  3 &nbs
Q & A Picture from training, Tell me what you see
Chris King
Here is a picture from training.  Tell me what you think is going on here.
Sawzalls, Think outside the box
Chris King
Below is an article from Lt. Isaac Frazier, St. Johns County F.D. Florida.  Good read.   Sawzalls are a great tool that are becoming more and more functional for numerous scenarios.  Wh