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King Training Innovations create firefighting training simulator props designed to teach and practice skills.

Testimonial: Carol Stream FD Chief Rick Kolomay


TESTIMONIAL:   The King Ceiling Prop (KCP) has proven to be a phenomenal tool for instructing techniques in overhaul with various truck tools in non-IDLH conditions, and it has also been a very valuable prop for live fire training. Due to the inability to conduct most overhaul operations in concrete or metal training burn facilities, the KCP now allows for overhaul operations in such facilities under hostile fire/smoke conditions.  Being able to “pull ceiling” with actual high heat and smoke conditions places a lot of reality into the training exercises. The easy clean up and replacement of KCP ceiling inserts makes the repeated use of the prop user-friendly and very economical as well. 

The KCP is highly recommended for any training facility or as a stand-alone training prop.


Chief Rick Kolomay

Carol Stream (IL) FD

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Prop Used For Wall Breaching Drill in East Brunswick, NJ

Prop Used For Wall Breaching Drill in East Brunswick, NJ

The East Brunswick Fire Department in New Jersey took our ceiling prop, turned it on its side and held a training for their members to learn about breaching walls. Electrical Romex lines were put into place to make it a little tougher and show the realism. 

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East Brunswick Fire Dist #1 using their new prop

East Brunswick Fire Dist #1  using their new prop

The boys from The East Brunswick Fire Protection Dist #1 getting their hands dirty with thier new King Ceiling Prop. The construction of the prop allows for quick set up and tear down so you can bring it virtually anywhere and run a drill.   Including the King Ceiling Prop in training evelutions allows for a realistic complete training.  Example:  Have companies pull up on scene, force a door, engine company leads out while truck conducts a search,  fire is located and knocked while the truck opens up / overhauls. Everything that would be done in a real fire response can now be done repeatedly with the use of good training props and guys willing to train.

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