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Flat Roof Deception

Things are not always as they seem.  Below are some photos I came across on Truck Floor Training.   It shows a commercial flat roof.  Seems normal right???  As we get into it there are many layers and depth to this roof.  You see a commercial roof with a slope for drainage to the edge and a center ridge line. Roof is EPDM membrane (rubber) over 0.5" fiberboard over PVC membrane over 0.5" fiberboard over 1" expanded polystyrene over 0.5" fiberboard over 0.75" Tar and Gravel built-up-roof on a wood deck. Inside the building there was a drop ceiling, nothing too remarkable.
Turns out the sloped framing was installed over more than one flat roof level, no one onsite remembers how long ago. The flat roof is a 1" Tar and Gravel over the wood deck.
There was a large space between the two with doors knocked between walls to access all the attic spaces, but it appeared to have sprinklers.  This leaves a huge common opening for fire travel.  Thankfully this one is sprinkled, but many may not be.  Interior crews may not see anything.  Meanwhile, a raging fire could be burning between these two roofs above their heads.  Ventilation, and fire attack become difficult and dangerous.   

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