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The King Ceiling Prop is a firefighting training simulator designed to teach and practice the skills of ceiling pull and overhaul by utilizing the real world feel and effort to pull conventional drywall ceilings.

Up until now, the only way to train in non emergency situations for overhaul and ceiling pull has been in condemned or donated vacant buildings which are becoming hard to acquire and make safe for training per NFPA 1403.
The King Ceiling Prop allows you and your dept. or training facility to pull ceiling and simulate real world movements, skills, and techniques in a safe, convenient, affordable, and easily reset scenario.

Thanks to its ease of movement and quick set up design The King Ceiling Prop can be placed anywhere you would like to train. Inside the firehouse apparatus floor, Training grounds, inside burn buildings, etc. The design also allows for quick reset and realistic resistance when punching through with a pike pole.

The material / consumable used is 1/2 drywall or any sheet good of your choice. Many local home improvement stores donate slightly damaged product which is perfect for this prop and makes for a low cost training solution. One 4ft x 8ft sheet fills all six bays of the prop and additional material can be stored on the props side storage racks allowing for very quick reset periods to aid in continuous training.

The King Ceiling Prop is designed to hold up to the stress and forces of firefighter training and is easily moved when not in use. The added design features allow you to place real life ceiling obstructions such as electrical conduit, or romex wiring. Quality hands on training is a valuable necessity for many fire departments and training centers. The King Ceiling Prop is an effective way to continue to train and maintain the skills that we do not get to practice often.

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modular training prop king innovationsLightweight/Durable/Portable

  • Over Haul
  • Roof Work Peak or Flat
  • Re-Bar and Chain cutting
  • Garage Door Cutting
  • Sprinkler Training
  • Wall Breaching

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"The ceiling prop created by Firefighter Chris King has been very beneficial to the Chicago Fire Department candidates. Each candidate was given the opportunity to actually pull ceiling in a controlled environment allowing for instruction and repeated repetition as needed. The prop has held up extremely well for a class of 150 candidates".

William Vogt / Chicago Fire Dept. / Deputy District Chief / Director of Training Quinn Fire Academy

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Flat Roof Deception

Things are not always as they seem.  Below are some photos I came across on Truck Floor Training.   It shows a commercial flat roof.  Seems normal right???  As we get into it there are many layers and depth to this roof.  You see a commercial roof with a slope for drainage to the edge and a center ridge line. Roof is EPDM membrane (rubber) over 0.5" fiberboard over PVC membrane over 0.5" fiberboard over 1" expanded polystyrene over 0.5" fiberboard over 0.75" Tar and Gravel built-up-roof on a wood deck. Inside the building there was a drop ceiling, nothing too remarkable.
Turns out the sloped framing was installed over more than one flat roof level, no one onsite remembers how long ago. The flat roof is a 1" Tar and Gravel over the wood deck.
There was a large space between the two with doors knocked between walls to access all the attic spaces, but it appeared to have sprinklers.  This leaves a huge common opening for fire travel.  Thankfully this one is sprinkled, but many may not be.  Interior crews may not see anything.  Meanwhile, a raging fire could be burning between these two roofs above their heads.  Ventilation, and fire attack become difficult and dangerous.   

b2ap3_thumbnail_10926270_1533784653552945_5527665994295790859_o.jpg                        b2ap3_thumbnail_1920976_1533784673552943_5895692029682102815_o.jpg


b2ap3_thumbnail_10911490_1533784670219610_3130897956146539696_o.jpg      b2ap3_thumbnail_10904086_1533784666886277_6123203779390549090_o.jpg

Testimonial: Carol Stream FD Chief Rick Kolomay
Building construction Basics

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