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King Training Innovations create firefighting training simulator props designed to teach and practice skills.
Knee Walls
Knee Walls
By Jonathan Hart Published Monday, March 31, 2008 | From the April 2008 Issue of FireRescue Editor’s note: In the following scenario, all names have been changed. The engine and ladder truck swing onto the street lined with 1 ½ -story Cape-Cod-style houses. The engine drives past the house with smoke coming from the roof and nos
1st Due Truck, Know the role.....
By Jim McCormack Published Thursday, April 1, 2010 | From the April 2010 Issue of FireRescue One of the things that’s happened in the last 10 or so years is that the emphasis on truck company operations and the skills it takes to actually perform them have really exploded—more awareness, more knowledge, more training. During this time, a couple things have remained constant: the importance placed on the knowledge and skills it takes to get the job done varies with each individual firefighter; and solid truck company skills, performed at the right time, make things easier on the fireground. Your Individual Situation Where You Are: In all honesty, it really doesn’t matter where you are in terms of your city, state or region, truck work is truck work! The skills involved include forcible entry, laddering, search, ventilation, overhaul and more. East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in between, the basics are still the same. If you’re faced with a locked entry door on the fireground and you make your way to the other side, it’s called forcible entry (in California, Indiana, Massachusetts and everywhere else). The Size of Your Department: A big misconception in the fire service, when it comes to the fireground, is that the size of the department changes what needs to be done. That’s really not true. The size of the department changes what can be done in a certain time period (based on staffing, equipment and resources), but it takes the same skills to put a fire out in a small or large department.
Outside Vent (OV) position
How to be an Effective Outside Vent (OV) Firefighter – Part 1 Posted On 29 Sep 2014By : Rob FlingComment: 0Tag: Strategy & Tactics, Ventilation  The firefighter assigned to the outside vent position (commonly referred to as the OV) is an important asset to have on the fireground. Typically assigned to one of the two out
Prop Used For Wall Breaching Drill in East Brunswick, NJ
Prop Used For Wall Breaching Drill in East Brunswick, NJ
The East Brunswick Fire Department in New Jersey took our ceiling prop, turned it on its side and held a training for their members to learn about breaching walls. Electrical Romex lines were put into place to make it a little tougher and show the realism. 
Testimonial: Carol Stream FD Chief Rick Kolomay
TESTIMONIAL:   The King Ceiling Prop (KCP) has proven to be a phenomenal tool for instructing techniques in overhaul with various truck tools in non-IDLH conditions, and it has also been a very valuable prop for live fire training. Due to the inability to conduct most overhaul operations in concrete or metal training burn facilities, the
Flat Roof Deception
Things are not always as they seem.  Below are some photos I came across on Truck Floor Training.   It shows a commercial flat roof.  Seems normal right???  As we get into it there are many layers and depth to this roof.  You see a commercial roof with a slope for drainage to the edge and a center ridge line. Roof is EPDM m
Building construction Basics
Knowing and being familiar with building construction is a great thing.  If you know how its put together, it helps to understand how fire will effect it and how it comes down.  Remeber to get back to the basics.  Without general basic fire fighting knowledge and skills you really dont have much  Get out and train.  Below i
Tactical Ventilation – The “Where” Continues. Let’s Go Vertical! Posted On 20 Jun 2013By : Michael R. RehfeldComments: 2Tag: building construction, firefighter skills, Tactical Ventilation, Truck Company Operations    The “WHERE” Continues. Let’s Go Vertical As we explore the different structure types and siz
Truck Co. Positioning
There's more to being a Truck driver than just driving the truck.  Anybody can drive a Truck.  What makes a good Driver? The knowledge of your still district, safe but defensive driving to get to the scene quick and without incident, The ability to know where to place the Truck to utilize the main, and knowledge of your apparatus to know
Cribbing Basics
The following is some good info from FEMA on Cribbing.  Get out out and get your hands on your cribbing.  Set up basic crib towers and discuss various types of situations where you may need to think outside the box.